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We are always on the hunt for fun family devotions for kids. We have acquired and read through many family devotion books throughout the years. It’s always a win to find family devotions that capture the attention of our boys and are fun for everyone! It’s even better when family devotions are “open and go” and easy to read. Let me share some of our favorite family devotions with you!

Stack of family devotions on nightstand

Why Family Devotions Are Important

Family devotions are a great way to be intentional about teaching God’s Word to your children. As parents, we have a biblical responsibility to disciple the next generation and impart truth to them. Our family devotion time is far from perfect. Oftentimes, someone has to go to the bathroom during a key moment, attitudes are flying and frustration levels can run high. However, when we push through the mess and we are still intentional to create time as a family to discuss God and His Word, God is faithful to bless that effort.

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What I Look For With Family Devotions

When I’m looking for fun family devotions for kids, here are some of the key things I’m looking for:

  • “Open and go” devotions. Minimal or no preparation required by me.
  • Easy to read so that my elementary kids can help with the reading.
  • Must include Scripture through the devotional.
  • Great illustrations or pictures to help cature their attention.
  • Fun stories or activities to generate excitement.
  • Discussion questions to help us all dig deeper and open the door for conversation.

I feel like the devotions I’m going to share meet all of these requirements and more!

Stack of family devotions on nightstand

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Indescribable by Louis Giglio

Indescribable by Louis Giglio is one of our favorite family devotions! It’s perfect for my science-loving boys. This devotion combines Scripture and Science in such a beautiful way. We discussed so many wonderful things like space and planets, sea creatures, animals, our bodies, our minds, and how our imagination works.

Every devotion has hands-on activities (totally optional) and a prayer to read at the end. We loved having the prayer time at the end! My oldest son would read the prayer and his little brother would repeat it. This helped them both with reading skills, listening skills, and learning some of the basic art of prayer. Even though this book is marketed towards elementary students (grades 1-6), we have used it as early as 3 years old and still loved it!

Text and Illutrations of family devotional held my small child

I Am by Diane Stortz

I Am by Diane Stortz is another fantastic family devotion for kids. This book is near and dear to my heart because it has been teaching us all about the character of God, His names, who He is, what He does and how we can trust Him. As you read through popular Bible stories you begin to see Him revealed through Scripture. There are so many powerful truths being imparted into their hearts!

And the illustrations in this book are to. die. for. Seriously, I love them so much! 

Family Devotional I Am illustration of Moses parting red sea
Fun Devotional with I Am book and Indescribable Book in flatlay

How Great Is Our God by Louis Giglio

How Great Is Our God by Louis Giglio has been a fun addition to our devotional lineup! This is the second book of devotions, written after Indescribable. You do not have to read them in order. How Great Is Our God is simply a continuation of these fun devotions that are rooted in science. One of my favorite things about this devotional is all of the unique and wonderful science facts that are shared. I have grown to appreciate how truly creative our God is and how vast His wonders are.

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There are certainly many more fun family devotions out there, but these are just. a few of our favorites! We are getting ready to start a new family devotion through our church and I’m very excited to use and review that devotion. Tell me, what devotional books are your kiddos loving? I would love to hear suggestions from you.


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