Easy Ways to Boost Your Children’s Immunity

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This post details natural ways to boost your children’s immunity. Included are the vitamins and supplements we use, as well as other immune boosting products.

As a mother of three and a nurse, I’m always looking for easy ways to boost my children’s immunity. Especially in the chilly winter months! Sick days are no fun for anyone and I want to do everything I can to support and boost my children’s immune systems. There are some simple things that we do daily that I would love to share here.

Disclaimer – you should always check with your health care provider before starting any new vitamins or supplements. This post is in no way considered medical advice. It’s simply a record of what we do in our home.

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Daily Vitamins for Kids

Our children take vitamins every day as part of their morning routine. I make sure they have eaten a good breakfast and then they can take their vitamins and wellness drink. My children take a chewable multivitamin every morning. This multivitamin from Young Living is the one they currently have. When we don’t have that one on hand, we have also used and loved the Kids Multivitamins from Mary Ruth’s Organics, liquid or gummy. They also take a probiotic 1-2 times a week for gut health. I personally have found that having them take a probiotic more often than that really upset their stomachs, so we’ve backed it down to a more tolerable level. You can read more here about why gut health is so important.

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When “flu” and “cold” season start creeping around, I will add a wellness drink to their morning vitamin routine. In a small 2oz glass, I will pour some type of organic juice, usually orange juice or grape juice. Grape juice is especially good if you are wanting to help protect their stomachs from any stomach bugs floating around. To the juice I will add 1/2 tsp of Vitamin C, 2 dropper fulls of Zinc and 5-6 drops of Elderberry Syrup.

I have found that taking these simple steps of wellness and prevention every morning has made a significant difference in boosting my children’s immunity. We have fewer trips to the doctor, fewer sick days and overall we enjoy healthier lives.

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Daily Vitamins for Adults

My husband and I also try to be faithful with taking our supplements and vitamins. I notice a significant difference in my mood, my energy, and my mental clarity when I’m regularly taking my supplements. I personally take MultiGreens daily, a B Vitamin and Vitamin C. On days that I’m not getting outside or getting sun, I will add in some Vitamin D as well. During the cold winter months, I will take a wellness drink along with my kiddos.

When I am out of my Young LIving vitamins, I will take MaryRuth’s Organic Liquid Vitamin. The nice thing about Mary Ruth’s liquid vitamins is that it is formulated to be taken by the whole family! It’s nice to have one bottle that we can all use.

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Daily Vitamins for Babies & Toddlers

Can your babies and toddlers take vitamins to boost their immunity? Why yes they can! Here’s some of what we’ve been doing. While my babies are nursing, I will personally up my supplements and vitamins because I know that they are getting those benefits via breastmilk. I will still give them infant probiotics 2-3 times a week even while they are nursing.

When my babies start weaning themselves (usually around age 1 for us), I will start them on liquid Vitamin C and Zinc. I also continue with their probiotics as mentioned above. When they reach age 2, I will usually start them on a children’s multivitamin and wellness drink with the rest of the family. As always, I discuss these supplements with our trusted healthcare provider.

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Oils To Help Boost Your Children’s Immunity

We are an oily family and my kids love to use their oils! They have all been using pure essential oils since they were very small and their bodies have thrived with it. Every day before school, we roll an “immunity roller” along their spine. Rolling their oils along their spine keeps tiny hands from getting into oils. It also helps move the oils along the nervous system and quickly through the rest of the body. Here’s how you can make a wellness roller for your family:

  • For babies/toddlers [under 3]: In a 5ml roller mix 1-2 drops Frankincense & 1-2 drops of Lemon. Fill to the top with carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil). Roll on their spine or bottoms of their feet as needed. Use discretion and start small and slow!
  • Kiddos [3-8 years]: In a 10ml roller, mix 5 drops Purification, 5 drops Thieves, 3 drops Frankincense, 3 drops Lemon, 1 drop Oregano [optional], fill to top with carrier oil. Roll on spine or bottoms of feet 1-2 times daily!
  • Adults: In a 10ml roller, mix 8 drops Purification, 15 drops Thieves, 8 drops Frankincense, 5 drops Lemon, 5 drops Oregano, fill to top with carrier oil. Apply on bottoms of feet or spine 1-2 times daily.

I would only recommend using high-quality essential oils, such as Young Living, for an immunity roller on the skin. Please please please do not use oils you find at large box stores. They are full of fragrances, chemicals, and fillers. There is very little actual essential oil in those bottles. Also, be wary of purchasing oils found on Amazon unless you can verify the seller.

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I will also diffuse oils throughout the house to help with immunity-boosting. Two favorite diffuser recipes are Thieves + Lemon and Christmas Spirit + Orange. These combinations both smell wonderful and help support our bodies to stay above the wellness line!

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I would love to hear what you are doing to help keep your family healthy and immunity boosted this year! Leave me a comment or reply below.


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